Horoscope of the soul

Not a prediction horoscope to know what can happen to you but a horoscope to signal you that it may be time for you to identify ... clarify ... change ...

Use of the 3 sections

 I : to identify where I am currently -  I give you the right moment in front of what you live within, your personal truth, your reality. -
YOU NEED : to listen to what my being is trying to tell me.  YOU hear the inner voice of your Neighbors, the voice that seeks to communicate, to be heard, to invite you to take another look at your day, your situation, your desire for change…
IT'S TIME : to follow the sage within you who invites you to put yourself into action.  IT'S is the SAGE that you cross on your road by chance, a kind of synchro with the right moment! He makes it clear that this may be the time to...

A helping hand to act, to dare, to risk, to say YES… to your impossible

dé compris ds le khi
10 sided dice

Roll the 10-sided die twice to find the KHI page.

The dice provide access to 1 million possible combinations.

Read the 3 sections.

Examples :
I do not have control anymore, my situation is back at square one.
YOU need to abandon yourself, to let go.
IT’S TIME to take a risk, to go beyond all your conveniences and your personal structures.
I haven’t found the right measure. Emotions are always putting me off balance.
YOU need to stop judging yourself, stop punishing yourself for being emotional.
IT’S TIME to take your distance from the situation to relax and breathe deeply