The clue–cards (cards pictures words)

  • There are 84 Clue cards, they represent various Key words illustrated by simple pictures.  Also a leaflet explaining the game and the meaning of the cards.
  • The drawings are not associated with symbolic elements. Their objective is to bring about a reaction, to promote the emergence of our inner truths, our personal realities.

You can play Triplium every day because

  • It’s easy, simple, and effective
  • It allows you
  • To get to know yourself better
  • To look at situations without judgement
  • To discover what it is stopping you from saying yes and no
  • To talk about yourself and be listened without being judged
  • To find new avenues to solve problems or realize your projects

You can play triplium with

  • The family for meetings, setting the record straight, joint project,
  • Problem solving (resolving conflicts)
  • Couples: to meet the need to be more intimate, to get closer, and to share without barriers
  • Teenagers: to thwart rebellion and anxiety, to overcome the fear of revealing oneself or of forming an alliance
  • Team workers: to clarify roles, objectives, to put cards on the table
  • Trainers or facilitators: to help talk, open, create links, to build trust in a simple and secure way